Could you be our next Gasper?

Our dedicated, 12-month Grad Scheme will allow you to learn about strategy, creative work, media planning, digital, production, PR and much, much more. Projects will come in all shapes and sizes, for clients that range from small start-ups to large blue chip brands, and we’ll pay you to do it.

Alongside real-life projects, you’ll have a structured training programme based on Master Classes in a variety of disciplines. Typical activities will include:

One rule. One minute. Create an ad. Fun, challenging, and a great way to make a splash in the creative online community.

Develop your wordsmith chops, find your voice.

Guerrilla marketing using errant golf balls? We’ve done that already, so think of something else. Maybe something better. We know you can.

Take the helm, pillar to post, and see the fruits of your creative juices.

May not sound as sexy as the rest, but using the right data in the right channel can help your work sing.

But there’s loads more. What’s important is that you’re not pigeon-holed when you’re a fledgling. Even if you really, really look like a pigeon. We don’t know what you’re good at. Yet. You probably aren’t too sure yet, either. So let’s try out a whole load of stuff and find out. Will be fun. Think of our studio as an open canvas. Just don’t go all Jackson Pollock on the walls.

We’ll guide you, so don’t worry. You’ll have a dedicated mentor who will assess your development at quarterly reviews, as well as giving you in-depth reviews of Wokingham’s vast number of pubs (The Queen’s Head is best).

All this will allow you to gain an understanding of how we like to work, and we want you to feel confident that you’re going to be a valuable member of our team from day one.

So, whether you’re looking for that first step on the career path to a larger agency (our Alumni have gone on to the likes of McCann and Ogilvy), or becoming an integral, long-term member of Team Gasp, we will give you the tools for a successful career. 


"I worked at Gasp for just shy of two years. It was my first job in a proper agency. And I couldn’t have wished for a better entry into the world of advertising and marketing. The best thing about working at Gasp is that you’ve got tonnes of guidance and support, but it’s not limiting — there’s room to really push yourself. And as long as you’re up to it, you can pick up lots of responsibility quickly – it’s a great place to learn, and learn fast."

Ollie Mines
Copywriter, McCann

Applying to be a Gasper is a 3 step process:

Send us something that makes our jaws drop into our fancy coffees. It can be anything, as long as it shows your creativity. We are even open to spoken word poetry.

If you’ve blown us away with your talent, we’ll send you a selection of briefs. Choose one, and get cracking. You’ll have two weeks to respond, and we’ll invite you to Gasp HQ to present. Bonus points will be given for most unique use of props.

If your presentation leaves us thinking we may have unearthed the next potential superstar of marketing, then we’ll invite you back for a rigorous grilling from our head honchos where you’ll have the chance to ask questions of us, and also to convince us you’re The One, Matrix style (you won’t have to dodge bullets, though. Darts, possibly).

Sounds challenging doesn’t it? But if you think you are up to it, and want to be one of our 2017/18 "Gaspers", we want to hear from you at

Make no mistake, this isn’t work experience, oh no. If you think it will be all taking elevensies and sipping gin from teacups with Captain Miffles* then think again. We’ll work you hard, but then we are giving you an amazing opportunity to leap onto that first stepping stone to the career of your dreams.

*Captain Miffles is…well, every potential Gasper should know who Captain Miffles is.


"My time at Gasp has given me the perfect start in marketing, allowing me to progress to the next stage of my career thanks to the diversity of projects and clients I was exposed to. And all within a fun and professional atmosphere."

Kira Bray
Account Manager, Ogilvy

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