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  • JP Hanson

    JP Hanson


    Our maiden podcast stormed into Apple’s Top 100! Hot on the heels of that we collared Marketing Week's newest columnist JP Hanson. CEO and co-founder of Rouser, an international strategic consultancy firm headquartered in Stockholm, JP works making client brands better, not just bigger.

    Tune in to hear a cracking gag on Millennials and lots of nuggets of neural nourishment on subjects like marketing effectiveness, the Halo Effect, strategy, and marketing’s place in the bigger scheme of things.

  • Strategy & Tactics

    The World Cup may have kicked off, but it’s not words of advice for Gareth Southgate that The Blogfather’s bringing to the table. It’s something for you. Assuming you want to do marketing the right way and don’t follow the herd. Baa.

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