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The very first Creased Cards store opened in the happy town of Brighton just prior to Christmas 2013. It sells a unique and fun range of greetings cards and gifts in-store and online. The retailer needed a campaign to help it outshine the big hitters like Clinton Cards and Scribbler.


Creased Cards needed to raise awareness of the store in Brighton and interact with the lovely locals in the process. However, as a new start-up business, the available ad spend was a very modest £7,000.



We created a Facebook campaign called “Be Funny for Money”, a caption competition. Promotional staff distributed 2,500 greetings cards in envelopes on one day in the busy town centre. They featured the uncaptioned image, along with details of how to win by visiting The process was easy, open and democratic; the most ‘liked’ caption would win a whopping £250. Even more exciting was that the winning caption would be made into a greetings card and sold in store for the whole year. 



You don’t need us to tell you that successful social media campaigns are measured by ‘engagement’ rather than volume of ‘likes’ or followers. So “Be Funny for Money” was designed to get the Brighton community interacting with Creased Cards. It gave them a strong database and community for future outbound email and social media campaigns, as well as establishing a brand presence and driving short-term sales. 

We used the advertising platform on Facebook to engage our target demographic in Brighton very precisely. We also ‘boosted’ the promotional postings to an extended network. This gave the campaign a reach of 34,700 people, of which 2,200 engaged with Creased Cards. A focused marketing penetration that would have been near impossible via other channels, demonstrating immediate ROI for Creased Cards. Very positive indeed, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Hundreds of Brighton residents entered the competition. There were some wonderfully cheeky entries. However a less puerile entry prevailed. At less than £1 for every new engaged prospect, acquired for a completely new and unknown retailer, we think that constitutes a roaring success.


This gave the campaign a reach of 34,700 people, of which 2,200 engaged with Creased Cards

Gasp worked with me to create a great new brand identity for Creased – and then implemented it across our store, marketing materials and website. From the initial ideas they came up with, the consultative process worked really well, and we ended up with an identity that resonates nicely with customers. On top of the brand identity work, they devised and ran our launch activity for our first store in Brighton. Social media campaigns generated well over 2,000 positive engagements, which was instrumental in driving footfall to the ‘bricks and mortar’ store, as well as traffic to our online shop. We’re very happy with what we achieved with Gasp, and would recommend them to any business.

Paul Jarman, Owner, Creased Cards

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