Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic printers. Leaders in innovation, with a strong retail heritage consisting of over 45 years of experience, they are also seriously committed to responsible and sustainable management of global resources.


Having seen our track record with stand-out Direct Mail, Epson asked Gasp to bring our imagination and expertise to the launch of their new inkjet printer range, aimed at both corporate prospects and existing retail customers. We were presented with three main challenges: long-term print service contracts already in place, strong competition from the likes of Xerox and Canon, and a lack of understanding around the reliability and quality of business inkjet printing. Both strands of the campaign were to target the top 100 decision makers and influencers in the corporate and retail realms, making the delivery of something with profound punch vital. Our objective was to place Epson front of mind, secure meeting requests and drive new business opportunities in the process.



Given a lead strap of “make the switch and grow your business”, we began to build our compelling concept around ‘technology in harmony with ecology’, which really struck to the core of Epson’s brand identity, whilst being strong enough to induce a change in the perception of laser printers being superior to inkjet technology.

Enter the ‘Earth Box’; the visual embodiment of Epson’s deep-rooted, authentic commitment to preserving and valuing the planet’s future. When opened, the key decision maker was presented with a bio-degradable pot sitting in simulated earth, plantable seed-paper coins, organic peat pellet and directions on how to grow the seeds.

To deliver cut through and ensure our recipients sat up and paid attention, 5 core audiences were identified and 5 different versions of the artwork were created with highly targeted messaging for each. Using their language and focussing on distinct pain points we were able to quickly convey the potency of Epson’s new product range.

Both our creative and concept knitted seamlessly with a pan-European advertising campaign already in progress, launching the “make the switch and grow your business” strapline. Our seeded paper coins were both environmentally green and carried a strong ‘growth’ metaphor, and by incorporating certain visual aspects we were able to ensure that the communicative impact of the piece was as strong as possible. 



Using their language and focussing on distinct pain points we were able to quickly convey the potency of Epson’s new product range.





So did we sow a seed of doubt in the decision maker’s mind? We certainly did. A phase 2 roll out is currently on hold so the team can process the responses they have received from this first wave. A combination of sales outreach and inbound leads, and the start of quality conversations of ‘genuine promise’, have left Epson feeling very positive about the campaign and the lasting results it will bring them.

What stood out most for Epson was our ability to unify existing comms, the creation of which we had no involvement in, with a strong and successful idea of our own, to deliver them a stand-out DM campaign with the minimum amount of fuss and management on their side. A job well done.


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