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Windlesham Golf Club is set in the beautiful Surrey countryside and offers a Par 72, 6,650 yard championship course. The quality of the golf course is matched by the hospitality shown to the members, being a club with a very fine reputation.


Once they were on the course or in the clubhouse, converting golfers into new members had never been Windlesham’s problem. Their problem was getting people to the Club in the first place. Millions had been spent on refurbishment, but people were only talking about the quality of the course and facilities after they’d been.

So we had to overcome the Club’s significant public awareness problem. Then we had our ‘Eureka!’ moment. Typically, golfers live within 30 miles of their club. But Windlesham is far more accessible than people think, due to its proximity to the M3 motorway. So the potential target ‘local’ market was not within 30 miles, but within 30 minutes – A Short Drive.



But how do you raise awareness in a way that golfers will understand? In what proved to be an excellent example of Guerrilla Marketing, we placed golf balls in local gardens to simulate errant golf balls being driven off the tee, thus emphasising just how close the Club actually was. All the gardens were along the M3, and all were within A Short Drive of the Club.

The ball was effectively a small sphere of Direct Mail, inscribed with Windlesham branding and the web address ‘’, which redirected traffic to the Club’s website and allowed us to measure the campaign’s impact.





The case study video featured on several well-renowned blogs worldwide, including Creative Criminals and the Ads Of The World website. All of which contributed to it being viewed over 5,000 times in its first day.

Most importantly, the Club saw a significant increase in new member enquiries, leading directly to 56 new members, a record for a single year during our long partnership with Windlesham.

The icing on the cake was winning the international Ads of the World Best Direct Mail (Silver) award.

The icing on the cake was winning the international Ads of the World Best Direct Mail (Silver) award.

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Gasp really come into their own with innovative campaigns such as the ‘A Short Drive’ golf ball campaign. We thought it was a brilliant idea and great fun and we are still working through the many opportunities it has delivered.

Peter Lumley, Chairman, Windlesham Golf Club

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