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Skillsoft provides cloud-based learning solutions for clients worldwide, ranging from global enterprises to government and educational institutions. Skillsoft’s courses, books and videos have been expertly developed to ensure that they maximise business skills, performance, and talent development. Skillsoft currently serves over 6,000 customers and more than 19,000,000 learners around the world.


We were asked to devise a loyalty campaign that would enhance Skillsoft’s influence on their customer’s learning programme by furthering their presence in a customer’s daily activity. Skillsoft needed a robust, customisable tool to help customers re-energise their programmes, whatever stage they were at.


Based on the principle that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, we created a digital, 21-day ‘New Habit Calendar’ to focus the mind and create an organised platform from which the user can delve further into learning. Underscored by a ‘Click > Launch > Learn’ mantra, this simple yet highly customisable tool allows each customer to upload 21 different learning assets that have deep links direct to the content. With the aid of IP addresses, the calendar recognizes individuals as they revisit, thus uniquely tailoring an individual’s learning journey.


Customers were immediately impressed by the calendar’s simplicity and accessibility; they could make the calendar their own within minutes with a white-labelled front end. Since the launch, over 30 customers have deployed the calendar, with new additions every week. The ‘New Habit Calendar’ has been recognised as a contributor for submissions into the annual Skillsoft Inspire Awards programme, (case study available on request) providing proof that we delivered a support tool that is truly universal.


In the first three weeks following the launch, more than 30 customers deployed the calendar, with new additions every week


Gasp has supported our marketing activities for a few years now; their in-depth understanding of our business helps to ensure high quality, creative and effective outcomes. I would be happy to recommend Gasp.

Kevin Young, GM EMEA, Skillsoft

Thanks to Gasp, our very first Skillsoft Inspire Awards programme really hit the ground running. Their creative genius captured our audiences’ attention, and also the Skillsoft representatives required to drive the programme to success.

Sarah Jones, Marketing Manager, Skillsoft EMEA

We’ve worked with Gasp since day one. When I asked the team to develop a campaign to increase our brand awareness last year, I was impressed with their creative, original ideas and the results they delivered. It was a natural move to appoint Gasp to lead the brand and loyalty campaigns this year.

Nina Michell, Marketing Director, Skillsoft

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