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Uncharted Play has an ethos based on ‘play’ being a tangible tool for inspiring social invention. On her travels, Uncharted Play’s CEO Jessica Matthews had witnessed young children kicking around bricks for footballs, an image which stayed with her. Realising the global appeal of football, the problem Uncharted Play looked to tackle head on was that in some parts of the world, when the sun goes down, that's the end of the day. You can no longer see.

That’s the reality for 1.3 billion people - practically one-fifth of the world. A lot of these people rely on Kerosene lamps for light, which give off very toxic fumes – in fact, living with the fumes from one Kerosene lamp is the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

The sOccket could therefore help save millions of lives. It is a portable, power generating football, designed to promote physical activity and spread awareness about the global energy problem. It captures kinetic energy during game play to be used later to charge LEDs and batteries. Just 30 minutes of play can give you up to 3 hours of light!



Occasionally you get the opportunity to forget the bottom line and budgets, and work on something that is rewarding from both a creative and philanthropic point of view, which is exactly what happened with our involvement in the sOccket project.

Our conscientious Creative Director Giles chanced across a small team of Harvard students that had a potentially great idea. But naturally, he could also see that their online presence needed and deserved a bit of a kick-start, so he approached Jessica Matthews to offer our services.




Every year 1.6 million people die from illnesses caused by exposure to kerosene lamps, diesel generators, and wood burning stoves. The soccket movement can save millions of lives. Just 30 minutes of play can give you up to 3 hours of light


Such a cracking, worthy idea needed the right kind of support for its mass distribution. We set about creating a whole new brand personality, complete with new logo, strap line and website – all critical elements in raising the profile of the product.

Football already breaks down language, race and social barriers. sOccket harnesses this passion to make a measurable difference to people’s lives. Our customisable logo device concisely explains what sOccket is and how it empowers lives using a globally recognised power symbol with the football at its heart. Literal and iconic, it can be used to identify and personalise regional projects/camps whilst retaining a strong brand image.

It was only when eating our cereal and watching BBC Breakfast one morning, as we witnessed Barack Obama doing keepie-uppie with a sOccket ball, that we truly realized we were involved with something special!



From the get-go we were extremely proud to become an official partner of sOccket, and it is now in its third, improved incarnation, still helping support impoverished communities around the globe. It is great for us to know that we did our bit in helping this social improvement project lift off and achieve so much.

It has since also featured on TED talks, as well as in Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative, with the former President saying of Jessica Matthews: "If ever there was an innovator, she is it!”

When a life-changing project ends up with endorsements from two U.S presidents, as well as Oprah Winfrey, it’s safe to say that both the idea and the branding behind it can be considered strong!

Needless to say, Uncharted Play was pretty delighted with our work also. Check out the testimonial from CEO Jessica Matthews below, who recently featured in Forbes’ ‘30 under 30’ list no less.








It was only when eating our cereal and watching BBC Breakfast one morning, as we witnessed Barack Obama doing keepie-uppie with a sOccket ball, that we truly realized we were involved with something special!

The input and expertise from Gasp to develop the sOccket brand ready for mass distribution and marketing has been invaluable. After a year of testing sOccket across Africa, Spain and Haiti, it has been really exciting to see the brand come to life. The Gasp team is creative, innovative and have fresh ideas; all of which will help us to empower hundreds of thousands of people worldwide living without modern energy to get safe, immediate access to electricity. Thank you!

Jessica Matthews, Co-Inventor, sOccket

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