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the team at Gasp

  • Sophie Edwards

    Sophie Edwards

    Group Director

    A founding member of Gasp, Sophie ensures everything’s kept shipshape in the studio, whilst leading the client services team in developing lasting relationships.

    A stupendously good strategist, account manager and partial to a bit of old school Drum and Bass, Sophie has 20 years’ experience of creating and executing great ideas for clients such as: O2, The Berkeley Group, Mizuno Golf and Sport, Samsung, SkillSoft, OKI, Staples and Dragonfly Tea.

  • Matthew Bradley

    Matthew Bradley


    Matt joined us direct from Uni with a degree in Industrial Design & Technology and extensive knowledge of sourcing cheap pints.

    Whilst we hope this is a transferable skill to Berkshire’s pubs, what really excites us is Matt’s energy, creative flair, and fresh approach and knowledge of the 3D space. He already has cracking client experience, working with the likes of Mercedes and the Newcastle Falcons rugby team.

  • Jos Smullen

    Jos Smullen


    Friendly, bubbly, and a little bit mental (but in a good way), Jos has a hawk eye for detail, and oodles of passion for design, be it web or print.

    She loves a bad joke, which unleashes one of the loudest laughs known to man, while 10 years of experience includes exciting work for London Zoo, Godiva Chocolates, Thomson Reuters, The Very Hungry CaterpillarTM, Jim Beam, ARM and LinkedIn.

  • Natalie Sutton

    Natalie Sutton

    PR Director

    Bringer of quality pastries, Natalie specialises in defining messaging strategies, content creation and influencer relations.

    Rising through the PR ranks to become director at the tech agency Motive PR in ‘97, Natalie formed Proud PR in ‘03. Alongside Proud, Natalie is PR Director at Gasp, and occasionally nests up in our penthouse. Offering an effective through-the-line service to clients, she is passionate about writing, and is a huge fan of social media strategies.

  • The Blogfather

    The Blogfather


    A man of murky, unknown origins, The Blogfather wedges his crowbar wit into the current issues in marketing, before hitting you about the head (intellectually speaking) in the form of a bludgeoning blog.

    He only deals in forthright, entertaining opinion. That’s his territory. Kapish?

  • Geoff Anderson

    Geoff Anderson

    Finance Director

    Geoff’s favourite quip is; “I’ve forgotten more about (insert anything here) than you’ll ever know”.

    Just prior to the discovery of Bronze, Geoff set up his own consulting company, most recently working with the NHS’s forensics department. Known for his OCD forays into our boardroom to line up all the coasters neatly, Geoff has supported the growth of his daughter and son-in-law’s agency from day one by taking care of the pennies.

  • Giles Edwards

    Giles Edwards

    Creative Director

    An original founder of Gasp and award-winning creative, Giles is both our engine room and free-role, flair player, all rolled into one.

    A problem solver who is passionate about what he does, Giles strikes a balance between thinking strategically and creatively in delivering objective-driven, campaignable ideas. The first Gasper with a tonne-plus finish at darts, his extensive knowledge stems from working with global brands such as Virgin, O2, Mizuno and Staples to starts-ups and individuals.

  • Mark Kemzura

    Mark Kemzura

    Account Manager

    A born creative who thinks being a Byron-esque, wordsmith dandy is a feasible living, Mark brings great copywriting and account management chops to the party. 

    Years of resolving diverse challenges has also given him adept analytical, creative and communication skills, while his vault of invaluable experience includes a foray into the restaurant industry with Creams Cafe, and work with the likes of Staples, Dragonfly Tea and Epson.

  • Samantha Mcilmoyle

    Samantha Mcilmoyle

    Account Manager

    An upbeat, friendly person who’s rarely without a smile on her boat race, Samantha brings experience in account and project management for a wide range of campaigns and events to the Gasp party.

    Never afraid to do the hard yards on a project, Samantha also has a cat obsession that’s reasonably in control, while her beloved cat George is oft seen out on the tiles with our Miffles.

  • Captain Miffles



    Just at home whether he’s curled up on the sofa or stepping out with the cats of Belgravia, ‘Le Miff’ is a cunning creature of many guises. With a sneaky habit of disappearing into his surroundings, Captain Miffles has an unerring ability of reappearing just in time for snacks.

    Documenting this ‘master of the covert’ inspired the game Où Est Miffles? which challenges you to trouver our furry friend.

  • Hannah Shembry

    Hannah Shembry


    A talented designer and illustrator who draws her designs in pencil first due to an aversion to pens, Hannah’s obsession with hats meant she took up knitting just so she could make, what she calls, a ‘hug for your head’.

    She’ll try anything creative, from painting to pottery (there was no scene from Ghost re-enactment), while her experience includes work for the likes of Just Kampers, Snow+Rock, CycleSurgery and RunnersNeed.

  • Andrew Edwards

    Andrew Edwards


    Andrew is Gasp’s honorary Big Cheese, having been Group Chairman and Group Chief Executive at Leo Burnett UK since 2011, while also sitting on the Global Leo Burnett Executive Board.

    He also serves as President of Leo Burnett’s Central Europe Operations. However, the role that gives him most pleasure is popping into Gasp for a coffee and advising his brother and sister-in-law on all things marketing, and beyond.

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